Casting Aluminum Cast Aluminum Quality

Our Metal Casting Philosophy

The status quo is simply not good enough.

Quality Management is a concept that must transcend a simple statement of policy or a set of rules and guidelines to meet a standard.

We believe that Quality Management in casting aluminum must represent a unilateral commitment by every employee to recognize that the status quo is simply not good enough.

Our quality management represents an honest dedication to the continual pursuit of excellence in every aspect of our business.

This commitment touches every aluminum casting process, material and organizational input at Alcast and is the foundation of our aluminum foundry's success.

Accreditations / Services / Standards & Procedures

  • Alcast's Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2008
  • Internal Chemical Certification using our in-house spectrometer to
    your specified parameters
    • • ASTM B26 • AA-CS-M2-84 • QQ-A-601 • MIL-A-21180
  • Full Internal Physical Testing performed in-house
    • • ASTM B26 • AA-CS-M3-2000 • MIL-A-21180
  • Full in-house Aluminum Heat Treatment to customer specifications
    • • ASTM B917 • AA-CS-M11-85 • MIL-A-21180 • MIL-H-6088
  • In-Process Aluminum Inspection carried out to customer defined specifications
    • • ASTM B26 • AA-CS-E18-92 • SAE AMS2175 • MIL-A-21180
  • Advanced data collection through Odyssey to track defects, monitor corrective actions and control product revision status
  • Advance Product Quality Planning program in place for New Product Integration
  • Incoming Material Verification
  • Statistical Process Controls in place for Process Optimization include Design of Experiments and Root Cause Analysis