Casting Aluminum Aluminum Parts Tooling / Core Making

Aluminum Manufacturing and Tooling

We are committed to supplying the highest quality aluminum cast products achievable and are continually exploring new processes to better serve our customers in the aerospace, aircraft, military, automotive and renewable energy industries.

To meet the diverse needs of our many customers, Alcast has invested in several different core making processes to accommodate multiple tooling and core designs.  We offer rapid prototyping and short run / rapid tooling to accommodate your design needs.

Cold Box Process

This highly flexible process is ideal for producing solid cores with a wide variety of complexities, in weights up to 70lbs.  Due to the ambient temperature requirements for the binder system, tooling can be made from a variety of low cost materials.

Shell Core Process

This process is ideal for producing thin and fragile cores, in weights up to 50lbs.  Tooling must be able to withstand a high degree of heat and typically results in a higher tooling cost with a longer life cycle.

Air Set Process

This process is ideal for oversized cores weighing up to 700lbs and for assemblies of highly intricate designs.  Tooling can be constructed of low cost materials and produces a superior casting finish.

Services Available

All tooling is maintained in house by our Pattern Maker with more then 30 years experience in the industry.  Rigging and Standard Maintenance required on new or existing tooling will be performed internally at Alcast’s own expense.