Casting Aluminum Aluminum Molding Process

Aluminum Molding Processes

Green Sand moulding is ideal for producing castings of any complexity in quantities ranging from one piece, to tens of thousands. Alcast Technologies offers a wide variety of flexible Sand Moulding Processes and Techniques to service all of your Aluminum Casting needs.

Automated Flaskless Moulding

Alcast Technologies uses only the best automated moulding technologies available to produce the highest quality green sand moulds achievable. 

Two state of the art Roberts Sinto FBO series flaskless moulding machines are used to produce molds within a 16”x20” window and a 20”x24” window.  These investments have significantly improved moulding flexibility and give Alcast a distinct advantage over more rigid automated technologies.

FBO II Features:

  • Minimized Cycle Times to increase capacity and keep costs down, our Sinto FBO machines typically run between 26 second and 45 second cycles depending on the complexity of the part, inserts and filtering media required.
  • Vertical Filling to reduce sand related defects by moving previously compacted sand away from the surface of the pattern.
  • Fully Adjustable Mould Height allows for taller castings to be made then was previously achievable, and reduces costs on shallow castings.
  • Drag Eject allows for a superior ability to view each mould for potential defects prior to closing and gives the machine operator complete control during core setting.
  • Variable Squeeze Pressure gives Alcast the ability to design the perfect moulding process for your product, given its dimensional complexity and special features such as deep pockets or elongated bosses.
  • Pinned Flask Alignment ensures each mould is closed consistently the same way, reducing the possibility of any shift related defects.
  • Product Specific Programmable Memory allows our experts to design the Best combination of moulding properties for every product individually. Product programs are quickly recalled from the secure program memory and loaded into the touch screen control to ensure the most consistent mould is made for your product, every time.

Rota-Lift Moulding

Two Rota-Lift moulding machines are in use at Alcast Technologies producing castings from 10lbs through 100lbs. This manual process can accommodate flask sizes ranging from 16”x20” through to 32”x60” on our unique oversized model.

This process is ideal for producing castings outside the typical automated moulding size range. Rota-Lift moulding’s flexible process design gives our skilled staff complete control throughout the operation and allows us to produce a consistent casting quality in nearly any shape or size, economically and efficiently.

Squeezer Moulding

Squeezer moulding is a manual process ideal for producing extremely low volumes of castings, loose pattern work, samples, and in some rare situations, castings too complex to make with an automated process. Typically, castings made with this process are limited to 10lbs or less.

Air Set Moulding

Air set moulding uses a chemically bonded sand to produce large, low volume and highly elaborate or detailed moulds. Alcast can accommodate flask sizes ranging from 20”x36” to 66”x72” and is equipped to handle loose patterns, matchplates and cope and drag tooling configurations. Castings weighing up to 400lbs can be made using this process.