Casting Aluminum Company Profile

A Quality Aluminum Casting Foundry

At Alcast Technologies, our dedication to customer satisfaction and casting high quality products has driven more then four decades of growth and success.

Our mission is to provide our customer’s vendor lists with a single point of contact to manage their cast aluminum products from design to completion.

Industry leading technologies and metal casting training resources are used to manage and manufacture products serving a wide variety of markets ranging from General Industrial to Military and Aerospace applications.

Whether your casting demands require strict mechanical performance with a specific chemical composition or a specific aesthetic finish, Alcast is the solution to your Aluminum Casting needs.

Our mission is to provide our customer’s vendor lists with a single point of contact to manage their products from design to completion.  Our foundry specializes in the production of Aluminum Castings ranging in size from ounces through 400lbs in any production quantity and a full range of value added services are available including Tooling Maintenance, Degating, Deburring, Heat Treating, CNC Machining, Blast Cleaning and Chemical / Physical Analysis.

When it comes to designing the best combination of Moulding Process, Material Specification, and Tooling Design, you can count on the expert staff at Alcast Technologies to surpass your Aluminum Casting expectations.

The Early Years

In 1966, Saltfleet Aluminum Foundry was founded by John Doesborgh in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  As an immigrant to Canada from The Netherlands, John brought with him $20, his wife Theresa, 3 generations of foundry expertise and an exceptional industrial ethic that would eventually lay the foundation for what would become one of North America’s Premier Aluminum Sand Casting manufacturing facilities.

Under his direction, several expansions took place taking the facility from a modest 2000 ft2 to its present 16,000 ft2.  In 1974, John’s son Gary joined the company as an apprentice and became the 4th generation of Doesborgh in the trade.

The Founding of Alcast

Alcast Technologies Ltd. was formed as a subsidiary of Saltfleet Aluminum Foundry in 1994, five years after Gary Doesborgh purchased the business from his father.  Alcast is now responsible for all manufacturing and sales activities.  Since its inception, an emphasis has been put on investing in technology aimed at improving sand casting quality and production efficiency.

Major investments during this time included the addition of advanced metal treatment through flux injected rotary degassing, onsite chemical and physical analysis, computerized sand moisture control, and manufacturing software to organize production and drive continuous improvement.

The Modern Era

After completing his Honours Bachelor of Commerce from McMaster University’s Degroote School of Business in 2004, Gary’s son Andrew joined the company with a mandate to drive Quality, Efficiency, and Sales.

Since then, Alcast has successfully implemented B&L Information Systems’ Odyssey ERP system for foundries throughout the entire facility, replaced their vintage automatic moulding technology with two state of the art Roberts Sinto FBO flaskless moulding machines, and registered a new Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Our Vision

Looking to the future, Alcast has initiated a significant Lean Manufacturing Initiative with a number of considerable and exciting changes underway and planned for the near term.  With product quality, cost and customer satisfaction in mind, Alcast is perpetually searching for ways to broaden their customer base and to better serve their current customers.

By exploring a range of additional quality standards, investing in the industry’s best production technologies to expand and improve capabilities and by vertically integrating key components of it’s supply chain, Alcast is looking forward to another 40 + years of growth and success.