Casting Aluminum Aluminum Alloy Casting

Aluminum Alloys

Ensuring melt quality is a top priority at Alcast. Most common alloys such as A356.0, 356.0, 355.1, 319.1 and 713.1 are poured daily from alloy specific furnaces, along with specialty alloys including A206.

Melt Quality has been the beneficiary of significant investment over the past two decades and supports a four phased approach to ensuring your products are cast from the highest quality Aluminum possible.

Phase 1 : The Best Materials

Certified Aluminum is brought in weekly and a Flux Injection Inert Rotary Degasser is used to clean every batch of aluminum before your first casting is poured.  Throughout the production run, at fixed intervals, the batch is degassed again to ensure a consistently superior quality is obtained.

Phase 2 : Chemical Verification

Every batch of Aluminum is verified in-house before each lot is poured using our Optical Emission Spectrometer.  The results are digitally recorded in the Lot Tracking Module of Odyssey.

Phase 3 : Part Specific Work Instructions

Our part specific instructions have been developed for every individual casting produced at Alcast by our expert staff.  These instructions are present while pouring every mould and ensure the optimal combination of pouring characteristics is used throughout the entire production run.

Phase 4 : Physical Verification

To verify the physical properties of our castings, test bars can be cast along with your production run.  In-house testing returns results on Yield, Elongation, Tensile Strength and Hardness.  Again, these results are recorded in Odyssey against your specific production run for complete traceability.

Outstanding Results

The result of these steps is a highly regulated process designed to provide your castings with the consistent results you require in today’s competitive market.  Certificates of Compliance are generated using this information through the Odyssey system and provided to our customers at no additional cost.


At present, eight crucible style gas powered furnaces are in place with a total holding capacity of 11,000lbs and an hourly melting capacity of 6,000lbs.  Each furnace has been designated for particular alloys to avoid any risk of contamination.  All of our furnaces are PLC controlled to provide optimal control over melt temperature.

Casting Consultation

Whether your engineered product has a specific alloy required or you are early in the design process and looking for the best alloy to suit your needs, our staff is ready to discuss your product’s application and the best combination of Alloy and Heat Treatment today.