Aluminum Casting

Green Sand Molding is ideal for producing castings of any complexity in quantities ranging from one piece, to tens of thousands. Alcast Technologies offers a wide variety of flexible Sand Moulding Processes and Techniques.

Aluminum Molding Processes

Our Aluminum Foundry

Our aluminum foundry has four decades of success and growth in producing high-quality aluminum castings from design to completion in sizes ranging from ounces to 400lbs in any production quantity.

Our Casting Foundry Profile

CNC Machining

Our dedication to producing the industry’s highest performing Aluminum Castings has lead to capital investment in both internal Precision CNC Machining and Aluminum Heat Treating capabilities in the past two decades.

Custom Services

Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum Alloy melt quality is a top priority at our Foundry. Most common alloys such as A356.0, 356.0, 355.1, 319.1 and 713.1 are poured daily from alloy specific furnaces, along with specialty alloys including A206.

Aluminum Alloy Casting

Parts Manufacturing

Rapid prototyping and production of aerospace, military, and engine sand castings requires precision. We offer multiple core making processes to accommodate a wide variety of tooling designs and product geometries. Gallery

Aluminum Parts Tooling

Finishing Services

A full complement of aluminum finishing services are available to prepare your product to specification.  We offer CNC / Manual Parting Line Removal, Surface Finishing, Blast Cleaning, Inspection, Packaging and more.

Cast Aluminum Finishing
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